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  • Due to the rapid digital transformation across the payment industry, we developed an expertise in the payment processing and credit card issuing space. Payd Solutions is playing a strategic role and helps merchants meet acquirers and issuers specializing in their verticals. We currently have over 100 acquirers and payment processing partners servicing thousands of e-commerce merchants in more than 100 countries. Our goal is to continually provide our customers with the optimum digital payment processing partners and payment gateways that meets their business needs.

PayD Solutions

  • Your Introduction to High Level Partners PayD Solutions was founded by a group of executives with in-depth experience in payment processing, foreign exchange, payment gateway technology and risk management. Brought together by a common desire to resolve the challenges in finding the right partners for the right merchants, the mission of Payd Solutions' team is to provide e-commerce merchants across the globe with payment processing capacity. Since 2019, we have helped hundreds of companies in finding solutions in the acquiring and issuing space as we are continuously looking for innovative payment and processing partners.

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